Here are just a few of the clients comments on the past work of Jianjun, founder of Yeasir Business Services. To learn more about how clients view the professionalism of Jianjun, please visit his LinkedIn profile and add him to your social network.
  • "What can I say? You couldn't have been more thorough. Thank you very much! I believe the client will jump in his chair out of happiness. Have a nice day, I hope I will not bother you on this matter any more. Enjoy your weekend."

    Applied Language Solutions, UK
  • "Thank you very much for your translation. We were able to follow your layout as per your instructions. The re-set Chinese version looks good I will have some more translations for you next week."

    China Australia Trading Company Pty Ltd, Australia
  • "I cannot thank you enough! I have two hours to get my dossier to the FedEx drop box and now my dossier will go to China on Friday instead of two weeks from now. Thank you for your patience and fast work!"

    USA (Personal translation)
  • "I double checked with the other translator about the use of 'news' and 'flood attempts'. You're right in both instances. :) Thanks for checking!"

    Verztec, Singapore
  • Hi Jianjun, [our client] said the following comments about the last translation you did for them:

    "By the way, my boss received many compliments - even from the media group that sponsored the conference - on his translated presentation. THANK YOU!"

    Transatlantic Translations, USA
  • Very good collaboration. Absolutely reliable, fast, high quality translations, technical control of programming language and great commication skills... the cultural ambassador for China.

    Beluga Linguistics, Spain
  • We had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jianjun on many occasions where his professional skills were required. We have always experienced a quick response and an excellent service. We warmly recommend Mr. Jianjun.

    E. Buttel
    E.G.B. Translations, Israel
  • A pleasure to work with! Very professional and a great collaborator!

    Beluga Linguistics, Spain
  • Jianjun has worked with us for the last 4 years, providing Chinese localization services on several projects, including the JamesList.com marketplace website, the XING.com social network and the Last.fm Internet radio site. Jianjun has always demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and commitment to his work, has been responsible about meeting deadlines and concerned with providing the best quality localization for his audience. Furthermore, I am confident in saying that he is a skilled professional translator and very pleasant to work with. I can only highly recommend him as a Chinese translator.

    Please feel free to contact me if there is any other information I can share about Jianjun.

    Beluga Linguistics, Spain
  • A great professional and highly devoted with his work. Working along with Mr. Zhang over the past few years has been both a pleasure and a guarantee for happy end customers.

    Capita Translation and Interpreting (formerly ALS), UK
  • Jianjun always delivers on time and for a great price.

    Horizon Research, USA
  • Jianjun is very responsive, reliable and is reasonably priced. When I give him a job to do, I know that the delay will be repected and that the quality is very high.

    Sescoi, France
  • Jianjun is the perfect person to work with as you always can rely on the results he has provided.

  • Jianjun is the ultimate Chinese translator. His work is extremely professional, trustworthy and is always on time. He has a strong knowledge of social networks and technology which make his services extremely valuable. I highly recommend Jianjun!

    Luxury Property, USA
  • Excellent work. Great communication.

    USA (Personal Translation)
  • Thank you for doing such a fast and thorough job last time. I also asked my Chinese friend for input on this situation and let her read the translated version. She commented on how true it was to the original letter...

    USA (Personal Translation)