Chinese Translation Service Portfolio

This page lists some on-going Chinese translation service projects for websites, apps, games, films, etc. The list is updated regularly…

Pattern FactoryPattern Factory or 打孔工厂 is a small but fun Android game that challenges a person's spatial thinking. Our Chinese translation service covered the game and its related web page and video script with cultural adaptation in mind. As the game used English puns which had no equivalence in Chinese, these fun quotes were rendered as quotes from Chinese classics such as the Poetry and I-Ching to reproduce similar effects.

Wilton ManorWilton Manor is a 4 star luxury guest house in Cape Town, South Africa. As a house with a rich history dating back 130 years, its architecture is a combination of African and British styles. Our Chinese translation service included website translation into Chinese and related coding and server location advice. We used a style that not only matches the original English, but also culturally speaks to a high-end and cultivated middle-class Chinese audience.

Rainford Real EstateRainford Real Estate is a luxury property developer based in Switzerland. Their unique web design created a refined visual impact and pleasurable browsing experience for visitors. By using balanced structures and proper rhyming, our Chinese translation service made sure this soigné atmosphere is fully retained and re-created for potential buyers from China.

PocketFinder GPS trackingPocketFinder GPS Locators and trackers help people stay connected with their loved ones, keep track of their valued assets and pets, anywhere, anytime. Our Chinese translation services covered their English website, product packaging and inserts translations into Chinese at the beginning of 2013 in support of their efforts to promote products and services to the Chinese-speaking community.

Lookout Mobile SecurityLookout Mobile Security is your one-stop protection for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. We completed the initial website and app translation into Chinese in 2012. Currently our Chinese translation service continues to provide on-going localization updates of their website, app and store announcements.

Last.fmThe online music radio speaks 12 languages and frequently updates its website with new features. We started translating last.fm into Chinese in October, 2006. Our Chinese translation service for the site continue to this day. Considering its audience composition, we use a young but grammatically correct language for the Chinese version. We also translated into Chinese its popular Scrobbler.

XINGXING is a leading European business social network. Formerly OpenBC, the company entered the Chinese market as early as 2005 and translated its website into 16 languages. XING’s Chinese version was launched a few years ago. Our Chinese translation service took over the Chinese translation of its weekly updates in 2009. The language used for XING is business formal.

Localization does not necessarily mean a whole site. Many companies simply try with the most important pages first. International Lodging Association (ILA) only have the front (portal) page localized into four languages, and our Chinese translation service was responsible for the Chinese page and related updates. The updates sometimes contain quotations, even short poems. We use both literature and promotional languages.

A Dutch trading company of musical instruments, Best Trading has a simple, static website of three pages with five languages. Believe it or not, static pages often cause more problems as regards Chinese translation, because everything has to be set/edited manually. Our Chinese translation service took care of the Chinese encoding and HTML markups and used a general business language with a slightly literature language.

Lingoneer is a translation company based in Finland. Our Chinese translation service was assigned to localize its newly launched website from English to Chinese in 2007. The project needed special treatment as the copy was mixed with markups and exported to MS Excel files. Our Chinese translation service also assisted their site designer to solve the encoding problem. The language used for the translation is general business.

Chateau de la BarreLocated in the beautiful Loire Valley, Château de la Barre is within 2 hours’ journey from Paris and is rated one of the best Château hotels in Europe. Our Chinese translation service localized their website into Simplified Chinese using a language style that echoes elegance and beauty of the Château.

MegauploadMegaupload manages its own website localization. Its 19-language interface dwarfs many similar services. The old Chinese versions (both Simplified and Traditional) were not complete nor consistent. Our Chinese translation service took over the new translations in 2006 and helped localize a series of other Mega sites, including their client software. (Old Megaupload sites were shut down in 2012)

copernicus tomb mysteryCopernicus Tomb Mystery is a scientific documentary by Polish producer Michał Juszczakiewicz. It presents to audience how the famous astronomer’s tomb was discovered by Polish and Swedish scientists after years of scientific research. Our Chinese translation service translated the subtitle and provided voice over for the whole film in 2010.

IGTInternational Game Technology is a global gaming company that designs, produces and markets electronic gaming equipment and system products. Our Chinese translation service provided voice over for some of its games (male, English with Asian accent and male, Mandarin Chinese).

High5 gamesHigh 5 Games or H5G is a premier game creator for the casino industry. Our Chinese translation service translation into Chinese one of their slot machine games in 2012.