English to Chinese Translation Services

English to Chinese translation services for websites, apps, letters, surveys, packaging, business cards, films and more

We started providing English to Chinese translation services as early as 2004. For over 15 years, our English to Chinese translation services helped both personal customers and businesses translate their communications.
Our film translation service covers both corporate clips and feature-length documentaries. Different translation strategies are used for voice over and subtitling to fit their respective purposes.

No machine translation guarantee

The use of machine translation (MT) has been on the rise in recent years. Unscrupulous translation providers using MT often promise unbeatable rates and super fast turnaround time but, in the end, it will only result in wasted resources. We do not use machine translation or MT + post-editing to boost output. The so-called ‘lowered costs’ by MT does not stand because in the long run, the communication barrier and inconvenience created by the ‘machine talk’ could negatively affect business image and result in profit losses. For personal customers, it could mean the end of a relationship.

Same quality standard as localization

We use the same quality standard for document translation as that for localization.
It doesn’t matter whether it is a personal letter, marketing pitch, survey or a PowerPoint presentation, we firmly believe that being faithful to the original text means more than sticking to the language on a surface level. Therefore, our natural-language solution focuses on conveying your message in natural Chinese, so that the translated text wouldn’t sound stiff or alien.
If you have a personal letter or business document ready for translation into Chinese, or would like to learn more about our translation services, contact us for a free quote, evaluation or preliminary consultation with absolutely no obligation.
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