Thursday, February 21, 2019

Yeasir Business Services Website is Back has been in operation since 2004 when certified Chinese translator Jianjun started working as a full-time professional. For some technical reasons, in 2017, Jianjun was forced to take it down and launch a new site with a new service name Yay Translations.

After some lengthy but dedicated work, Jianjun is able to relaunch, resuming the name of Yeasir Business Services. Currently, Jianjun operates both Yeasir Business Services ( and Yay Translations ( websites and they provide the same high quality Chinese translation and other related services.

Like its sister site, the newly launched Yeasir Business Services website is secured with SSL, meaning the information exchanged between this site and any visitor is encrypted. It also helps the visitors to know that they are visiting the genuine website on that domain.

Jianjun will continue his efforts to provide the best Chinese translation services to all the clients.