Tailored English to Chinese translation services since 2004

Our English to Chinese translation services are tailored to meet your specific communication needs, budget and time frame…

No matter whether it is a website, blog, app, short film or communication through Chinese social media or traditional media, we cover localization from one-page online profiles, business cards, personal letters to frequently updated commercial websites, software, and accompanying product packaging and documents. No matter what size the project is, our work flow from quotation, project planning, scheduling to final delivery ensures that your localization experience will be smooth and fits well with your overall business timetable.

We do not outsource any language work, which means you won’t be charged by a middleman and you only pay for the actual work. Our stringent cost control enables us to provide premium quality services at competitive rates. This means lowered costs for our clients so you will always be able to complete projects on time, on budget. We have helped numerous small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from Europe and America achieve their localization goals; we can help you achieve your goals too.

More than localization…

We understand localization may be your first step to enter a new market. Without an integrated strategy, its potential power for marketing and image building may not be fully released. As your private cultural ambassador™, we work with your strategy and provide a range of supporting services. Integrated marketing campaigning through Chinese social media is just one of them. To learn more about how we may help your business succeed in a Chinese-speaking market, please visit business support for details. If you are interested in learning more about us and the projects we recently completed, please see Why us, ClientsPortfolio or read our customer testimonials.

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